Hunting Ground Blinds Guide

Hunting Ground Blinds Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have been using ground blinds for bow hunting for years or are just now looking to make the switch over, there is no denying that the rise in popularity of hunting ground blinds have made them a must-look, if not a must-have, for today’s competitive hunter. 

deer hunting ground blindsThe fact is that with the extreme advantage ground hunting blinds are giving people, it’s almost foolish not to look into them, let alone use them.

  Plus, being eye-to-eye with that huge buck is just about the most invigorating, heart pumping experience in the world.  If you’re looking to bag that big stag faster than anyone else, ground blinds for deer hunting are the way to go.

What Are Hunting Ground Blinds?

Hunting ground blinds are a device used by deer hunters that help to camouflage them from the prey.  Originally stemming from turkey bow hunters, these alternatives to Treestands are designed to reduce detection by the deer as well as provide you with protection from the elements and yourself (more on that in a bit).  In essence, they are a better, smarter way to hunt.

Three Reasons People Use Ground Blinds For Deer Hunting:

There are three main reasons that you should use ground blinds for hunting. 

  • First, they are proven performers.  You’ve most likely seen the hunting ground blinds in Whitetail videos but the staggering statistic that shows the efficiency of ground hunting blinds is that more than 50% of all SEKO trophy bucks are killed from hunting ground blinds.  Hunters everywhere are seeing the difference hunting ground blinds can make, no matter if they are hunting hogs, turkey, Mule Deer, Pronghorns, Black Bear, Whitetails, Blacktails or Elk.

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  • Second, mobility is a big plus for hunters that use ground blinds.  Without having to spend the time setting up tree stands and trimming shooting lanes, ground hunting blinds users have the added ability to pick up shop and move to where the deer are.  Because of their lightweight (20 lbs. or so), hunting ground blinds make for an easy setup for a perimeter shot.  Now, you can mobilize in minutes, rather than waiting for the deer to come to you.
  • Finally, bow hunting ground blinds offer you protection from not only the elements, but from yourself.  It’s easy to see how being sheltered from wind and rain can help improve your aim, but to not have to sit completely still is a small blessing that most of us can use, quite honestly.

bow hunting
 Many times a hunter gets fidgety and this movement can tip off prey, never affording you a shot at them.  But with ground blinds for deer hunting, you can just sit back, open one window and relax a little more in comfort.

What To Look For When Buying Ground Blinds For Bow Hunting?

There are four major considerations to take into account when buying ground blinds for hunting deer:

  • Size:  You’ll have to take into consideration not only the amount of people you want in your blind, but also the tendency of these people to move around, as well as add in factors for bow draws.  Make sure you get a ground hunting blind that will provide you the comfort you are seeking in a blind.

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  • Weight:  Consider how much you plan to move about with your blind.  There are wonderful options for mobility with lighter-weight blinds, but will these stand up to the wind conditions in your area or be conducive to your style of hunting?  Also, consider transportation.  How far will you be hauling this in your truck and how far on your back?
  • Camouflage:  Most blinds are “all-purpose” and can blend into any hunting area, but if you’re looking for camo that is customized to your landscape, patterns like desert, woodlands, prairie and snow are available to give you that extra level of invisibility.  After matching the camo to your area, brush in the blind with natural vegetation from the area.
  • Visibility:  Mesh windows, slotted windows, port windows; windows on three sides, windows on four sides: there are many options available for bow hunting ground blinds and you’ll just have to decide which type gives you the most advantages for your style and place of hunting while eliminating the disadvantages.
What Types Of Hunting Ground Blinds Are Most Popular?

There are three main styles of hunting ground blinds that are popular with today’s top hunters.  Each provides its own unique advantages so consider the type of hunter you are as well as where you hunt as you look through the following:

  • Hub Style Ground Blind:  This gives you plenty of room to move around and most are tall enough for you to stand up in.  Comfort, mobility and ease are the hallmarks of the hub blind.  With a quick and easy setup and dismantle feature, this style blind also provides you with full windows on every side, affording you the top visibility available.  The drawback is, due to its size, you may be limited as to where you can set up and in areas with little cover, you may stand out more.
  • Pop Up Ground Blind:  Taking up far less space than a hub blind, you now have increased camouflage capability, but also less room inside.  Providing a four windowed visibility range, this could be a good fit for those with more patience who are in areas with little natural coverage.  While set up is quick and easy, dismantling takes a little getting used to with the hoop frames.

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  •  Chair Blinds For Deer Hunting:  This is a hunting blind and chair combination.  The set up and dismantle is instantaneous so quick mobility seeking hunters may love this.  The drawbacks for this fast, quick shoot are considerable though: you can’t move around inside and shooting is only possible through the sides or front.  Limited vision but increased mobility.

Where To Find The Best Deals On Hunting Ground Blinds?

So, if you’re ready to compete with the best of the best and give yourself the advantage that you need in today’s hunting game, click  to check out our reviews on hunting blinds above.


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